Three-Year-Old Program

Our Three Year Old Program provides a multitude of experiences in the form of small group and large group activities and a balance of child-initiated and teacher-directed activities throughout the day to support each child’s growth and development in all areas. 

The Classroom Environment
- Spacious classroom and naturally lit classroom

- Child-sized furniture and easily accessible sink and

   toilet to encourage independent self-care

- 1:8 teacher-to-child ratio for individualized learning


- Maximum Group Size - 16

- CPR- and First Aid-certified staff

- Professional cleaning daily


Schedule Options:
Tuesday/Thursday, Monday/Wednesday/Friday, Monday to Friday

​                                                                      Social Emotional Development
                                                                   - Preparing to go outside, hand washing, cleaning up after an                                                                              activity and meal times creates opportunities for children to                                                                            develop independence and self-help skills.
                                                                    - Playing in small groups with peers give children the                                                                                        opportunity to develop new friendships, express their                                                                                      feelings, play cooperatively with others and practice                                                                                        problem solving skills. Teachers support children as needed                                                                              on how to respond to the feelings of others appropriately,                                                                                take turns, negotiate and compromise.
                                                                    - Free play time provides children the opportunity to discover                                                                            their interests and make decisions.

 Cognitive Development
- Children are introduced to basic shapes, colors and math

   concepts with the aid of manipulatives, games, songs, books

   and other small group activities. Children practice number

   recognition, counting, sorting, measuring and making patterns.
- Science concepts are introduced and investigated through nature

   walks, sensory activities, and hands-on experiments.
- Engaging in dramatic play, music and movement activities and

   participating in art activities creates opportunities for children to be

- Field trips, holidays and celebrations help strengthen children’s

  awareness of various topics and the world around them.

Language and Early Literacy Development
- Children are introduced to letters and letter sounds through songs, stories, games and other small          group activities. Children learn to recognize their own name, names of peers and as well as recognize      letters in their environment.
- Group discussions and Show and Tell during Circle Time provide children the opportunity to express          their thoughts and develop their vocabulary and language skills. Participation in these activities also        help children learn how to wait for a turn, participate in a group conversations and develop confidence.

Fine Motor and Gross Motor Development
- The regular use of writing/drawing/painting tools (pencils, crayons, makers, paint brushes), using            scissors and small manipulatives (lacing beads, puzzles) help children strengthen their fine motor            skills.
- Daily opportunities for outdoor play and indoor movement activities help children strengthen their large    motor skills. Activities include skipping, running, climbing and balancing in our outdoor playground area    and riding bikes and playing with balls in our indoor play space.


Spiritual Development
Christian values are incorporated into the program through stories, songs and lessons during Chapel time led by the Pastor of RUMC twice a month, during daily interactions and through special celebrations during Christmas and Easter.


112 W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-340-3373