New Day Preschool is a faith-based preschool operated by the Rockville United Methodist Church. New Day Preschool holds a Letter of Compliance (License # 57667) through the Maryland State Department of Education, Office of Child Care.

The role and mission of New Day Preschool is to provide a safe and nurturing environment which:

  • Fosters emotional, social, and physical development
  • Cultivates Christian values and practices
  • Inspires the wonder of learning
  • Invites families to participate in our community of faith

It is the concern and direction of the Preschool Ministry Team that the heritage of Christian faith be expressed through the day-to-day relationships between our teachers and their students, as well as in the curriculum.

‚ÄčWe believe that each child is a unique and valuable creation of God, and therefore it is the purpose of the school to provide an environment conducive to developing the "wholeness" of each child. Within this framework, and under the thoughtful and sympathetic guidance of the teacher, we foster the development of each child's mind, body, and spirit.

We believe that a preschool environment that provides flexibility within a disciplined atmosphere will help each child grow as a whole person and an individual. Through a loving, nurturing, and fun atmosphere, we invite each child to discover who they are, their skills and talents, their rights and limits, and their worth as a child of God.

We believe the preschool experience should allow each child to become independent and confident so they grow in happy and trustful relationships with others while developing a sense of responsibility. It is our purpose to help each child develop their potential while gaining a better understanding and appreciation of themselves as a member of God's family.

To achieve these goals, we provide a multitude of satisfying experiences for each child to:

  • Play and work in a small group with children their own age
  • Express their feelings, make decisions, and discover their interests
  • Develop their language skills (listening, speaking, writing, and reading readiness), which are the foundation for elementary school learning
  • Verbalize their experiences and the wonders of the world
  • Carry out simple activities involving creative materials, drama, music, and indoor and outdoor play equipment
  • Test their newly developed physical skills
  • Understand the difference between right and wrong through meaningful experiences
  • Respect the rights of others

In short, we believe the preschool should provide a background of first-hand experiences that instill confidence and anticipation while preparing the child for future learning.

Our Philosophy

Our Mission

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Phone: 301-340-3373