I cannot say enough good things about New Day Preschool. When my husband and I went to visit the school for the first time in the summer of 2017, we immediately were drawn to it. We had visited other schools during our search and were disappointed because they felt like hospitals because their environment was so sterile. We didn't feel that that would be the right kind of school for our daughter. We were looking for a traditional classroom, with a warm and inviting feeling, with teachers that know their craft and could provide a stable environment. This is what we found at New Day Preschool. We learned that most of the teachers had been teaching at the school for 10, 15 or 20 years, so it is not a revolving door. The classrooms were cozy, safe and the curriculum was just what we were looking for. Our daughter attended NDPS for two full school years and she absolutely loved every minute of it. She made such good friends there and best of all she always felt that she had the love and support she needed to thrive at school. She is absolutely ready for kindergarten thanks to her time in the Pre-K program.Thank you to all of the teachers and staff at NDPS for an amazing experience. We will never forget you!

                 -The Kudashov Family, Rockville

I can't say enough great things about New Day Preschool. My son is flourishing. The teachers are compassionate while also being committed to these little ones' development!

                           - The Henao Family

New Day is a wonderful school with great teachers and is available for a reasonable price! Both of my children had fun and learned a lot. They were definitely ready for Kindergarten since they could write all of their ABC and their numbers from 1 to 50 and also began reading. I definitely would recommend it!!

-Laura K., Silver Spring

New Day Preschool is a gem! The staff is so warm and friendly. The tuition is one of the most affordable in this area. This school is exactly what I needed to prepare my four children for Kindergarten!

-Margaret L., Rockville

New Day Preschool is much more than just a place to drop off your kids and hope for the best.  The teachers are truly attentive and caring.  But you can say that about a lot of preschools, what you may not be able to say is the wonderful volunteering parents/helpers that are as equally caring and passionate about the kids that makes New Day one of the top notch place for both of our children.  

- David W.,  Rockville

New Day is a unique school with dedicated teachers who will do their best to help families to get ready for Kindergarten from kiss and ride routine to learning the essential material and gaining important skills to be successful with impending academic career. Our children thrived and were completely ready to enter Kindergarten. Pre-Kindergarten class is superior placement for children based on our extensive search for the right school in the Rockville/ Gaithersburg area. Coming to the classroom and observing kids in action convinced us that this is the best school in the area.

                                               -The Martin Family

New Day has given NEW skills and experiences to our daughter every DAY. At the first day of school we’re worried, not just because she was 2 years old, because we had moved from the outside of US. Surprisingly, we saw our daughter really enjoyed the day and she said I want to go to school again. Now she is graduating from this school! Now she has many friends and is ready to go to Kindergarten! We’re proud of our child and so impressed how much she had grown and learned in New Day. That’s why we decided to send her brother to this preschool, too. Last, but not least, the teachers are all warm and loving caring children. They teach academic skills extremely well and provide lots of fun experiences through field trips and party days. If you’re thinking about preschool, just send your children to New Day and let your children tell you how much they like it!

                                 - The Sakai Family, Rockville

I can't say enough great things about New Day Preschool. My son is flourishing. The teachers are compassionate while also being committed to these little ones' development!

We just recently had to move away from the Rockville area and the only heartbreaking thing about it was leaving New Day. My son and daughter both frequented it and my daughter especially had become so attached not just with Ms Bautista and Ms. Claudia but all the staff that were like family.

Having now taken on a new adventure of finding her a new preschool I realize even more that attention love and care ❤️ she received there we will not be able to find anywhere else. Thank you Ms. Bautista for her love advice and fun she imparted on my kids. I cannot not recommend the school more highly!

I hope our paths cross in the future!

                                   - The Gallardo Family

What Our Parents Are Saying...

112 W. Montgomery Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: 301-340-3373

Email: director@newdaypreschool.org

New Day Preschool is a small school but it has fantastic teachers!  A big concern I had after moving here from Chicago was how competitive it is to be in the Wootton high school district.  But the Pre-K teacher has not only made school fun, but really prepared my 5 year old for kindergarten next year.  They have curbside drop off and pick up, it's SO convenient not having to take my 5 month old out of the car twice a day! They have Chapel with the Pastor twice a month, where they learn Bible stories, sing worship songs, and donate money to buy mosquito nets for children in Africa. The tuition is really reasonable compared to many other preschools in this area.  I'm excited to send all of my kids here!

-Olivia C., Rockville

My children have learned so much at New Day, not only academically but socially as well. The teachers here are the heart of the school. They are so loving and caring and it certainly shows in their friendly, smiling faces at drop-off and pick-up every day!

- The Lee Family, Potomac

Great school, caring teachers, and quality activities. Our son is starting his 2nd year and we have seen great changes in him. He knows his letters and numbers and is socializing great with kids his age. We plan on sending our daughter next year. What my wife and I really love about the school is the teachers, who genuinely care for the kids. We also like the other children and parents. It's a great and positive environment.

                                       - Guillermo C., Rockville